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Lamison PC has nearly 25 years of unique experience handling complex IP disputes and litigation, available to you through cost-effective fee arrangements.

Our experience includes two decades of IP litigation practice at the global law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, as well as three years in-house as Vice President of IP Litigation for Cisco Systems, with responsibilities for IP litigation worldwide. This unique combination of trial lawyer and in-house expertise, often working on highly-sophisticated subject matter, sets Lamison PC apart. We are able to offer our clients a level of counseling that is both uniquely valuable and affordable.

For reasonable and limited expense, you can add Lamison PC to your team to assist in the development of advanced strategies that will help your company make better decisions in the most difficult cases. We offer legal advice, strategic counseling, and litigation support to in-house teams, as well as collaboration and support for your lead outside counsel. We can serve as a sounding board on legal strategies and steps, or roll up our sleeves if you need experienced outside counsel to represent individuals or parties -- such as when conflicts arise, individual witnesses need outside counsel, or national firms need Local Counsel in California.

Whether you need direct advice or an added partner for your lead counsel, Lamison, PC stands ready to provide independent, experienced, tenacious and cost-effective IP counseling services to help you and your teams achieve your goals.